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New solution in
sports betting

Beticle is the 1st sports betting stock market 

Risk Free


We combine the advantages of betting and trading by providing a platform
which is very explosive for traders and very flexible for bettors  

Trading Platform

We provide a trading platform which allows users to buy virtual stocks of favorite team or player and trade those like company stocks or cryptocurrency tokens 

Decentralized Solution

The whole process can be decentralized and deployed on permissioned


Personalized AI Assistant

For easy decision making, we provide personalized AI assistant which calculates your risks, analyzes your actions and comes up with useful recommendations

Algorithmic Trading API

Betting operators can use our API and trade the money collected from their users
for risk minimization and revenue growth


We are building the NASDAQ for sports. Every betting operator, big or small, can join our worldwide network and provide the advantages of sports stock trading to its users. With our decentralized solution and assistance from AI-powered bot, the online gambling achieves a new level

We have a team of software enthusiasts with significant experience in online gambling and considerable scientific background

We are eager to provide the best solution, and that is the reason we use the best technologies. We believe that behind every successful product there are state-of-the-art solutions

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